House Shots



Pickleback- A shot of classic Jameson Irish Whiskey with a Pickle Juice chaser.

Lemoncello- Chase your lemon infused vodka with a fresh cut sugar coated lemon.

Green Tea- The perfect remedy for anyone having a good or bad day.

PB & J- Skrewball whiskey with a Raspberry liqueur.

Buttery Nipple- Butterscotch and Bailey's make the perfect combination.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch- A perfect balanced late-night breakfast shot for the cinnamon lovers.

Margarita Shot- For those who don't have time to sip a margarita. Lime and Tequila, fast and smooth.

Kamikaze- a quick blast of lime and vodka.

White Gummy Bear- Raspberry vodka and orange liqueur to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Jager Bomb- Red Bull and Jagermeister.

Las Vegas Bomb- Red Bull and Crown Royal.