Game Changing Cocktails $8.50

 $6.50 for Happy Hour

Game Breaker Margarita-A twist on the classic margarita. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
The G.O.A.T.-This cocktail made with tropical fruits, rum, and vanilla vodka is unchallenged for the throne of the greatest.
The Grand Slammer Hard Lemonade-Knock it out of the park with this spiked vodka lemonade with or without strawberry, peach, mixed berry, or passion fruit
Buzzer Beater Hard Tea-Iced tea and vodka with a fruit infusion. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
Overtimer-The most exotic colada in simsbury on the rocks. Better order another, this game isn’t even close to over.
The Off Season Hard Limeade-Spiked limeade with or without a fruit infusion. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
The Blitz-Stout with an extra kick of bourbon. You’ll never see it coming.
The Fade Away-The most dangerous and sweet rum cocktail on the court.

Botanical Spiked Seltzers


$7.50 for Happy Hour

Our Botannical Spiked Seltzers are prepared in house. White Claw Black Cherry & Grapefruit are also available.

Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom
Ketel One Cucumber & Mint Refresher
Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose Spritzer
Three Olives Rose & Mandarin Citrina
Effen Blood Orange & Strawberry Blast
AbsoluT Apple & Raspberry Pucker
Deep Eddy Lemon & Apple Sipper



Sunset Over Simsbury-A tribute to our great town with a blend of various fruit infused vodkas and fruit juices.
Gin Ricky-A lightly carbonated Iron Horse classic with Hendrick's gin.
Simsbury Center Manhattan-Simsbury's favorite Manhattan made with Bulleit bourbon.
Cosmopolitan's Cover Page-Everyone's a top model with this timeless martini made with Ketel One and cranberry.
Dragon's Breath-A Cinnamon lover's dream made with Jack Daniels and jack Fire.
Lemon Drop of Heaven-A perfect blend of Tito's Vodka and lemon.
The Devil's Margarita-If you dare to embrace the dark side with this Casamigos Tequila margarita topped with Grand Marnier and a Cabernet float.
Pucker Up-Give me some sugar with this delicious Apple Martini made with Ketel One Vodka, Apple Pucker and finished with a cherry kiss.

Dessert Martinis


Salted Caramel-Our sweet and salty caramel rim is just the beginning of this crafted Tito's and caramel perfection.
Godiva Chocolate-This delightfully sweet treat is made with French vanilla vodka, Godiva Choloate Liqueur and a chocolate rim.
Mocha Espresso-Catch a second wind with our freshly brewed espresso and Ketel One Vodka.


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