Game Changing Cocktails $8.50

 $6.50 for Happy Hour

Game Breaker Margarita-A twist on the classic margarita. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
The G.O.A.T.-This cocktail made with tropical fruits, rum, and vanilla vodka is unchallenged for the throne of the greatest.
The Grand Slammer Hard Lemonade-Knock it out of the park with this spiked vodka lemonade with or without strawberry, peach, mixed berry, or passion fruit
Buzzer Beater Hard Tea-Iced tea and vodka with a fruit infusion. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
Overtimer-The most exotic colada in simsbury on the rocks. Better order another, this game isn’t even close to over.
The Off Season Hard Limeade-Spiked limeade with or without a fruit infusion. Choose from passion fruit, strawberry, mixed berry or peach
The Fade Away-The most dangerous and sweet rum cocktail on the court.

Premium Cocktails $11

$9 for Happy Hour

Our Premium cocktails are made with the best ingredients available from the fruit juices to the hard alcohol. Enjoy a made to order cocktail with our top shelf spirits.

The Morning Grapefruit-Get the night started off right with this Hendricks gin and grapefruit cocktail. No spoon needed.
Generation COVID-This green monster is made with premium melon liqueur and top shelf alcohol. Guaranteed to reactivate your taste buds.
Honeycrisp Bourbon Sour- Made with Markers Mark Whiskey, this apple sour cocktail tastes like its fresh picked from the tree and hits like it fell from the top branch.
Playa Del Maya Tequila Sunrise-Sit back, relax and enjoy the dawn with this Patron and orange juice cocktail.
Top Shelf Tea-Made with Patron, Grey Goose, Bombay and Bacardi, this Long Island Iced Tea will ensure you know the difference between top shelf and well.
Type 0 Bloody Mary-Not for the faint of heart; you will feel this spicy bloody mary made with Titos coercing through your vains.

Botanical Spiked Seltzers


$5.50 for Happy Hour

Our Botannical Spiked Seltzers are prepared in house. White Claw Black Cherry & Grapefruit are also available.

Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom
Ketel One Cucumber & Mint Refresher
Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose Spritzer
Three Olives Rose & Mandarin Citrina
Effen Blood Orange & Strawberry Blast
AbsoluT Apple & Raspberry Pucker
Deep Eddy Lemon & Apple Sipper



Sunset Over Simsbury-A tribute to our great town with a blend of various fruit infused vodkas and fruit juices.
Gin Ricky-A lightly carbonated Iron Horse classic with Hendrick's gin.
Simsbury Center Manhattan-Simsbury's favorite Manhattan made with Bulleit bourbon.
Cosmopolitan's Cover Page-Everyone's a top model with this timeless martini made with Ketel One and cranberry.
Dragon's Breath-A Cinnamon lover's dream made with Jack Daniels and jack Fire.
Lemon Drop of Heaven-A perfect blend of Tito's Vodka and lemon.
The Devil's Margarita-If you dare to embrace the dark side with this Casamigos Tequila margarita topped with Grand Marnier and a Cabernet float.
Pucker Up-Give me some sugar with this delicious Apple Martini made with Ketel One Vodka, Apple Pucker and finished with a cherry kiss.

Dessert Martinis


Salted Caramel-Our sweet and salty caramel rim is just the beginning of this crafted Tito's and caramel perfection.
Godiva Chocolate-This delightfully sweet treat is made with French vanilla vodka, Godiva Choloate Liqueur and a chocolate rim.
Mocha Espresso-Catch a second wind with our freshly brewed espresso and Ketel One Vodka.


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